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Nonwoven materials made from natural fibers

Nonwoven materials made from natural fibers are widely used by those furniture and mattress manufacturers who take a special care about the quality of their products and people’s health.

Fillings based on coconut fiber give the mattress the desired stiffness and orthopedic properties, are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, provide a low residual deformation and a long service life.

The fibers, forming 90% of the material weight, are extracted from coconuts pretreated with natural fermentation. We produce materials with the use of natural latex bonding and thermo bonding method.

Natural latex makes the material less “noisy” under load, perfectly aligns the surface and creates an additional shear force, which is important in the process of mattress production. Coconut mats made with the use of thermo bonding method have greater variability in rigidity.

Felts made from regenerated fibers

Felts made from regenerated fibers are used in production of upholstered furniture and mattresses. Such materials are 90% composed of recycled fibers obtained by garneting of knitwear textile waste. The felts are produced with different rigidity for bending and density by weight (from 400 to 900 g/m²). The stiffness of material is determined by mechanical interlocking and dry thermal finishing process.

Besides that, we have a separate range of nonwoven felts made from flax or cotton. These materials have an increased water absorbing capacity and resistance to repeated cyclic loads, so they are ideal for the production of mattresses for children, as well as products with an emphasis on ecology.


Ecological Materials is the best choice for your sleep!

There is a marketing legend saying that Bonnelle spring blocks make your dreams black and white. We do not claim that this is really so, but we are committed to making night fantasies bright and colorful, promoting healthy sleep that brings restoration and solution of yesterday's unsettled questions.

We are aimed at solving the problems of manufacturers of upholstered furniture and mattresses in the selection of materials used in multi-layer structures, giving the finished product the desired properties.

Do you want to offer your customer not just a product that has a form, but a set of associations with a healthy and full-fledged sleep?

Is it important for you to have a long lasting positive opinion of the buyer after purchasing your products?

Do you want your buyers to come back again?

So why not give it a try?

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